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DHA Lahore is one of the Defense Housing Authority's well-liked and accomplished projects (DHA). It can be reached from a number of different city routes and is situated on Ferozepur Road, close to Lahore Ring Road. Due of its connection to the DHA, the residential project may be entirely trusted.

The Defense Housing Authority has built residential communities in a number of Pakistan's major cities, including Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Multan, and Gujranwala.

This is one of the earliest housing projects in Lahore and seems to have 13 phases. It is spread across a sizable area of land. It provides various residential and business plots at affordable prices.

Developers Of DHA (Lahore):.

DHA The Defence Housing Authority is working on a project in Lahore (DHA). The Pakistan Army is responsible for overseeing the DHA. Army personnel and their families were given access to housing society in 1975.

The "Civil & Defence Officers Cooperative Housing Society" was its original name. The organisation was then given the new name "Lahore Cantonment Co-Operative Housing Society (LCCHS)". In March 1975, the residential development was formally accepted with the Punjabi government. A Provincial Ordinance allowed for its transformation into DHA Lahore in 1999.


But now, citizens and military families can both live in the residential society. Customers favour the housing society since it is dedicated to provide a healthy living environment and all the necessary modern amenities. The DHA is on a mission to deliver prosperous and successful residential projects.

The Defence Housing Authority has accepted DHA Lahore's No Objection Certificate (NOC) (DHA). Since the housing society is one of DHA's many excellent and legitimate enterprises, its legitimacy cannot be questioned.

omega residencia lahore
omega residencia lahore

The Scheme Has a Strong Emphasis on Community Development.

The Al Jalil Garden and Housing Scheme is all about creating a strong and supportive community. From the moment you move in, you'll be welcomed into the fold and be a part of something truly special.

The scheme has a range of facilities and amenities that have been designed to bring residents together and create a sense of community spirit. There's a large central garden that's perfect for socializing, as well as a range of sports and leisure facilities. And there's always something going on, from social events to fitness classes.

The housing authority has made sure that any building taking place within the residential community complies with all applicable laws. The fact that DHA's initiatives are trustworthy and lawful is just one of the many reasons why people like to invest in them.

Location Of DHA:

DHA Lahore's location on Ferozepur Road, next to the Lahore Ring Road, is ideal. A number of well-known residential and non-residential areas are close to the housing complex. It can also be reached from several other highways in Lahorem

Accessbility Of DHA Lahore:

    The following are some of the housing program's accessible points:

    • Almost 7 minutes via car to get to Wahdat Road
    • Almost 8 minutes via car to get to Lahore Ring Road
    • Almost 9 minutes by car to get to Bedian Road
    • Defense Road is an almost 10-minute drive away.
    • Almost 12 minutes by car to get to Rohi Nala Road
    • It takes about 15 minutes to travel to Barki Road, 15 minutes to go to Canal
    • Road, and 20 minutes to get to Raiwand Road.
    • It takes over 25 minutes to get to Multan Road.
    • It takes over 29 minutes to get to Abdul Sattar Edhi Road
    • Approximately 35 minutes by car from the Sindh Highway (M-2).

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