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The Pakistan Group of Companies is developing the Al-Hafeez Garden Housing Society Lahore, which is located on the main GT Road in Lahore and has received approval from the Development Authority of Lahore. (LDA). It is a housing society with five phases, only two that have begun; the remaining three will shortly be started by the owners.

Because of qualities like location, cost, and approval status, this home development is one of the most alluring. The developers have extensive experience in building properties.

Developers And Owners Of Al Hafeez Garden Housing Society:

The Pakasia Group of Companies is responsible for the residential development Al-Hafeez Garden Housing Society Lahore. The business began operating in 1959 as a trading firm and has since received only positive comments from clients. The business stands for reliability and top-notch infrastructure construction. The group has demonstrated to investors that it is reliable by creating and completing real estate projects on schedule and to the highest standards possible.

NOC Of Al Hafeez Garden:

The Lahore Development Authority has granted approval to Al-Hafeez Garden Hosing Society Lahore's No Objection Certificate (NOC) (LDA). Investors may choose whether to invest in this society on their own as a result of the project's NOC clearance from the relevant authority.

The society is regarded as the appropriate type of real estate project for secure investment if it receives approval for the pertinent NOCs.

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Location Of Al-Hafeez Garden.

Al-Hafeez Garden Housing Society Lahore is located on the city's main stretch of GT Road. Al-Hafeez Garden Hosing Society Lahore is at a prime position that makes it easy to visit from anywhere in the city.

Nearby Landmarks And Places:

The following places and landmarks are located close to the society:

  • Lahore's Wagah Border
  • Wagah Town
  • Baghbanpuran
  • Singhpura
  • Harbanspura
  • Taij Garh
  • Garhi Shahu
  • Saddar Town
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport
  • Jallo Park

Accessibility Of Al Hafeez Garden Housing Society:

  • Right on the main GT Road in Lahore
  • Nearly four minutes by car from BRB Canal Bank Road in Lahore
  • Close to a 4-minute drive from Yadgar Road in Lahore
  • Their Road is around a 6-minute drive away from Lahore.
  • Lahore Ring Road is only a 7-minute drive away.

Master Plan Of Al Hafeez Garden:

An professional team with years of real estate development conceived and created the Al-Hafeez Garden Housing Society's master plan.

Payment Plan Of Al Hafeez Garden:

Plots in Al-Hafeez Garden Lahore can be purchased for reasonable prices. Affordable prices are offered for the sale and purchase of the plots at A-Hafeez Garden.

Facilities Of Al Hafeez Garden:

All the contemporary amenities and facilities are offered at reasonable prices by the Al-Hafeez Garden Housing Society in Lahore. The amenities are a component of any modern, opulent civilization that might be considered to be an all-encompassing residential plan.

Environmental Friendly:

A sizable area has been set aside by the developers for the creation of parks and other green spaces. The Al-Hafeez Garden Housing Society in Lahore is regarded as the most opulent community because it offers all the latest conveniences. The proprietors' primary objective was to create a welcoming and healthy lifestyle environment, thus a significant land area was reserved for the main theme park so that everyone could unwind carefree.


The community will offer a comfortable, close-to-nature lifestyle with all of the modern conveniences. The intimate proximity to nature will offer a singular experience that is unavailable in Pakistan's housing communities. Moreover, the requirements of the populace, including their religious needs, will be met by society. The developers are constructing a stunning, large Jamia mosque for this.

Water Resources:

Furthermore, the society has considered the water requirements of the citizens. To do this, enormous amounts of water will be stored in water reservoirs that the residents can utilize for daily tasks. In order to guarantee pure drinking water, filter plants will also be a part of civilization.


The cemetery must be a part of any culture. Because life and death are a natural part of it, the people may decide to bury their deceased loved ones and pray for their success in the hereafter. Additionally, they can pay visits to loved ones' graves in the neighborhood.

Community Center: Community centers will serve as the hub of social activity to keep locals engaged in society. They can take part and enjoy the social events here.

Health Amenities: The developers gave considerable consideration to the social environment's health facilities. Modern, worldwide hospitals and clinics will be built for this purpose by the developers. The emergency room will be open around-the-clock, and staff members and doctors will be on call.

Education: Ensure that students are receiving an education of a high standard on a global scale. To provide students with the greatest education possible, the teaching team will also be qualified and trained in their specialized disciplines.

The management of Al-Hafeez Garden Housing Society in Lahore has set aside a sizable amount of land to build a top-notch educational complex since people there place a high importance on education.

Secure Community: A housing society needs its residents to feel safe. Having a gated community makes it safe. People are given complete security by a security system that has 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is expertly placed. In order to ensure a high level of security, a boundary wall with a foolproof mechanism would also encircle the society.

Al Hafeez Garden Payment Plan

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